Air conditioner blowing warm air

3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Air Conditioner

With the warm weather of the Eatonton, GA spring and summer approaching quickly, it’s especially important that your home’s cooling system is operating smoothly and efficiently. Not only will an inefficient air conditioner cost you more money, but it will also affect your comfort and the overall health of your household.

Before the temperature starts rising rapidly, you should be paying close attention to any signs that your AC unit is struggling or wasting energy. If you notice any problems with the appliance, you can enlist our skilled technicians at Superior Heating & Air to tune up, repair, or replace your cooling unit.

1. Monthly Bills Rising Inexplicably

Many different issues can affect your AC unit’s efficiency, and when that efficiency declines, your monthly energy bills go up. If your electricity costs have risen, either gradually or with a sudden spike, it could be that your air conditioner is struggling to do its job. Keep in mind that other factors can affect your energy costs as well. If the weather has drastically shifted, if you’ve got a new pet, or if more people have started living in your home, the uptick in your bills could be explained by the recent change. However, if you can’t think of any reasonable explanation, have your AC unit professionally inspected.

2. Ineffective or Uneven Cooling

Weakened cooling performance is another common sign of an inefficient air conditioner. You may observe that it’s taking longer than it should to cool your home down or that some rooms are receiving more cool air than others. Usually, this indicates that the appliance is having to work harder to do its job, which likely means that energy is being wasted. In this situation, don’t waste any time bringing in an experienced cooling technician to get your comfort back on track.

3. Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

When your home’s HVAC air filter is packed with particles of dust and other debris, it creates an unhealthy situation for your air conditioner. Not only will the appliance itself become dirty or clogged, but it will also be a struggle for the system to consistently circulate air through the filter. If you suspect that your AC unit may be running inefficiently, check the status of the air filter. If necessary, replace it with a new one.

Trust Your Local Cooling Experts

When your air conditioner is performing poorly and wasting energy, you need qualified cooling technicians that you can count on. When you hire our skilled team members at Superior Heating & Air, they’ll inspect your cooling system, diagnose the problem, and advise you about the most prudent path forward. Whether your appliance requires maintenance, repairs, or, in the worst-case scenario, replacement, we can provide a high-quality, affordable job. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you get your comfort and energy costs back on track.