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Susie Patterson
Susie Patterson
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" Superior Heating & Air is prompt and provides great service. The technician that came to our home, Grant - was very courteous, efficiently answered my questions, then promptly went to work. He was professional in appearance and very conscientious of the COVID-19 precautions. I am well pleased with Superior's annual contract, the service on our system is performed, and before leaving, a written report of it's is operation status is then presented. A welcomed "new business "to the Lake Oconee area. "
Horace LaFavor
Horace LaFavor
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" The two young men who came to check on the AC were incredibly polite and efficient! The problem was minor in that the fan was hitting a wire that was making the noise but while they were here, they put their gauges on the unit and gave it a once over. They stayed a while to make sure all was well and recommended that we keep the upstairs set on 78 through the summer (which we do anyway). The lead man was Grant and he is a local boy with family ties to Lauren’s School-Putnam Primary, I would recommend Grant and his partner anytime! "
Jimmy Willis Georgia Brush
Jimmy Willis Georgia Brush
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" Excellent!!! Had them put several times to correct and work on a recent install from (ProTech whom I will never use again BTW) The company demeanor from your initial phone call to the professionals that come out to the property is indeed SUPERIOR! "
Chris McMillan
Chris McMillan
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" The Superior team are true professionals. They take pride in their work and go out of their way to make the customer comfortable and happy with their work. Thank you! "
Tony Nicole Bowden
Tony Nicole Bowden
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" Great work place. Great work environment "

AC Repair in Eatonton, GA

If you need air conditioning repair in Eatonton, GA, then Superior Heating and Air should be your first call. We’re a locally owned company known for being one of the best in the area for air conditioning repair services. All our technicians are fully licensed and trained, and we’ll show up on time and do the job right the first time. If for any reason you’re not happy with your AC service repair, we’ll make it right. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with your technician and your repair. Our upfront pricing policy means you’ll have no unexpected surprises when you see your bill.

Dial (706) 813-3541 now for professional AC Repair in Eatonton, GA!

Air Conditioning is Critical

Air conditioning is essential for those who live in Georgia’s hot, humid climate. Furthermore, air filtration in a good air conditioning system is a health benefit because it removes pollutants from your home. A good filter will help eliminate the allergens, bacteria, mold, and chemical residues that can trigger asthma or respiratory issues or an allergic reaction.

Cool air can also reduce the risk of stroke and help keep you hydrated. Most AC units provide some dehumidification effects, so you’ll be more comfortable. You’ll also sleep better when your room is at a comfortable temperature. If you find that you need an air conditioning repair in Eatonton, GA, then you should attend to it as soon as possible. Delaying repairs may make the problem worse, which can cost more money in parts as well as on your monthly electric bill. Units work the most efficiently and effectively when they’re well maintained.

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What Are Some Common AC Issues?

The following are some of the most common AC issues we see, especially during the hotter summer months. 

Unit Doesn't Stop Running

If your AC unit runs constantly, turn the thermostat off. Wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. If this doesn't correct the problem, you probably need a service call since there can be multiple reasons for the issue.

No Cool Air

If the airflow isn't cool, you may have tripped a circuit breaker, a belt may need to be replaced, or your unit may need refrigerant.

Strange Odors

If you notice a burning smell, immediately turn off your unit. If you notice other odors, then the ducts may need cleaning, or the filters may need to be replaced. We can schedule a maintenance call to get your unit working again.


If you notice puddles, leaks, or bright-colored stains, your unit may have developed a leak. Although some condensation is normal, you shouldn't have leaks. If you do, then you need a service call to fix the issue. This is a job for a professional. It's not a DIY project.

Odd Noises

Your AC unit shouldn't squeak, grind, clang, or bang. If it does, you need a professional evaluation.

Short Cycling

This is a serious issue that can severely damage your unit, and you need a professional to diagnose the problem and determine the fix.

If you have any of these issues or you notice unusually high utility bills, you probably need an AC repair in Eatonton, GA. The team at Superior Heating and Air can help you.

Call Superior Heating and Air today to schedule your AC repair in Eatonton, GA: (706) 813-3541!

Why Use a Professional Rather Than DIY?

When you need an AC repair in Eatonton, GA, it’s crucial to use a reputable and professional AC company whose technicians are licensed and trained. There are many reasons why your AC unit could malfunction, and most of them require an experienced technician to provide the remedy. Refrigerants, for example, can only be sold to licensed companies, so if your unit needs to be recharged, you can’t do that. Superior Heating and Air services all makes and models of AC units, so we can repair yours and have your home cool and comfortable in no time. Sign up for a maintenance plan to ensure that you avoid AC emergencies in the heat of summer.

Mobile Homes

Many customers who call us share their not so pleasant experiences with other companies when they discover the company does not service mobile homes. Fortunately here at Superior Heating and Air we service all makes of AC units on any mobile home! Just give us a call today and ask to schedule your mobile home AC repair or replacement in Eatonton, GA: (706) 813-3541! We’re one of the best in the region, and we guarantee all our work. Your technicians will be prompt, professional, and courteous. Don’t suffer in Georgia’s summer heat and high humidity when comfort is just a phone call away.

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