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An Inspection Can Determine If You Have Leaky Air Ducts

Does your cooling bill seem particularly high this summer? It’s natural to blame higher energy costs for a skyrocketing bill or even an older HVAC system. Yet, before you decide to spend thousands of dollars on a new central air conditioner, examine the state of your air ducts. Older air ducts can become loose, causing cooled air to enter areas where it is not supposed to go.

How Much Energy Can Leaky Air Ducts Waste?

The role of air ducts is to move cooled air through your home in summer and warmed air in winter. You may not notice higher energy bills in colder months as much because of the mild winters in Eatonton, GA. However, when you have your HVAC system on constantly in the summer to remove heat and humidity, a difference in energy bills becomes noticeable.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a typical home experiences a 20% loss of cooled air that passes through ducts due to leaks caused by holes or loose fittings. If your air ducts have a lot of leaks, the problem becomes even worse.

What Causes Air Ducts to Leak?

Just like other systems in your home, duct systems start to deteriorate as they age. A settling foundation can cause seals to loosen. Other causes include temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and vibrations when the HVAC system operates. Most ducts are made of meta, which can corrode over time. Pests that find their way into ducts, especially larger one like rats and squirrels, can cause holes.

How to Tell if You have Leaky Air Ducts

Higher utility bills are only one indication that your air ducts may have leaks. Other signs include:

  • Numerous hot and cold spots
  • Excessive dust and dirt
  • Gaps, holes, or loose joints in the system

How to Remedy Air Duct Leaks

An inspection from the HVAC experts at Superior Heating & Air will indicate whether leaky air ducts are behind your high energy bills or whether another problem is responsible in your Lake Oconee area home. Our certified technicians will thoroughly examine your ducts to determine where the leaks are and how we can solve the problem.

Depending on the severity of the problem, we will recommend duct repair or a new duct installation. Duct repair involves placing tape over loose joints and holes to seal the ducts. When ducts are riddled with holes or have too much corrosion, we’ll recommend a replacement.

Contact Us Today for Your Free Inspection

Leaky ducts are not an emergency situation, but the sooner you resolve the situation, the sooner your energy bills will drop. Schedule your free inspection and estimate by calling Superior Heating & Air today.