technician performing maintenance on a air conditioner

Prevent Many HVAC Problems With a Maintenance Agreement

Property owners face a variety of HVAC problems over the course of a system’s service life. However, many of those are preventable with the right attention and maintenance. Consider the issues you can prevent by signing up for an HVAC maintenance agreement.

Climbing Energy Bills

As HVAC systems age, property owners commonly experience climbing energy bills. This rise is often due to airflow restrictions in the system caused by neglect and lack of cleaning. Additionally, components working less than optimally can consume excess power, driving up your consumption.

Routine maintenance includes deep cleaning of the system that helps prevent airflow restrictions. It also includes extensive testing of individual components to ensure that all are working at their best.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality affects everything from HVAC performance to your health. The HVAC system is the primary air quality control device in most homes, filtering out contaminants as it circulates air during heating and cooling cycles.

Less air moves through the system when you neglect maintenance, meaning less air moves through the filter. Consequently, the filter is removing fewer contaminants, leaving more floating through the air in your home. This can result in more exposure to allergy triggers and exacerbations of asthma, not to mention more pathogens like viruses and bacteria in the indoor atmosphere.

Shortened System Service Life

HVAC systems have a limited service life, averaging 10 to 15 years for air conditioners and heat pumps while gas furnaces last about 15 to 20 years. However, these averages depend on the system receiving the routine maintenance needed to keep it operating efficiently. A maintenance agreement is an easy way to ensure that you don’t miss these appointments. In addition, it often makes it easier to get priority scheduling before the extreme seasonal temperatures set in and HVAC service providers get busy.

Unexpected Breakdowns

One of the worst problems property owners face is an unexpected breakdown. It usually seems to happen in the hottest or coldest weather when you depend on your system the most. These breakdowns often occur because small problems the system is already experiencing have gone unnoticed. Extreme temperatures then strain the equipment, causing components to work harder and fail.

During routine maintenance, the HVAC technician tests the system, looking for evidence of components struggling. If they find any, you can have them repaired or replaced before they cause these unexpected breakdowns. This advance notice not only avoids unexpected downtime but also reduces the overall number of repairs.

You can avoid many common HVAC problems by signing up for a maintenance agreement and keeping your scheduled visits. Call to sign up for a maintenance agreement in College Station, TX with our experts at Superior Heating and Air.