4 Ways to Save on Energy Costs With the Right Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an innovative and relatively new method of heating and cooling that resulted from advances in HVAC technology over the last few decades. They use electricity and leverage ambient air temperature to provide heating and cooling service. This technology has amazing potential to save homeowners money in several significant ways, including better operational efficiency and lower environmental impact.

1. Generate More Heating and Cooling With Less Energy

The main way this technology helps homeowners save money over the long-term is through its high operational efficiency. Heat pumps are several times more efficient than conventional furnaces and boilers. Heat pumps are able to do more with less energy because they are designed to transfer heat rather than generate it. They transfer heat from indoors to outdoors for cooling or outdoors to indoors for heating, whatever the temperature outside.

2. Get More Options

There are many types of heat pump setups that are appropriate for different situations. This gives you some options and flexibility in choosing a solution. While heat pumps are often preferred when it’s time for a complete replacement, they can also supplement or work alongside an existing system. This can provide an opportunity to add HVAC to a home addition or a few rooms of the house without making major changes to the existing infrastructure.

3. Preparing for the Future

There’s no way to accurately predict the future of oil prices in the years ahead, but there’s always a possibility that prices will increase or fluctuate significantly. Natural gas may be more accessible and affordable for the moment, but the same risk applies here, too. Since heat pumps don’t rely on fossil fuels at all, they are better insulated from potential price changes.

4. Local Efficiency Incentives

Many businesses and some homeowners could also save money by qualifying for incentive programs — local, state or federal. Reducing fossil fuel consumption and improving overall energy efficiency are desirable traits for any modern commercial enterprise. In this case, the other benefits of the technology make it an obvious choice in many situations, especially in cities and areas with more developed environmental regulations.

Get Exceptional Heat Pump Services Today

Whether you need maintenance, installation or repairs, heat pumps are not designed for self-service. Rather than trying to handle delicate repairs on your own, contact a licensed contractor who has experience with this technology.

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