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7 Key Things to Know About AC Installation

Installing a new air conditioner can improve your home’s energy efficiency and your year-round comfort. The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Times have changed drastically in recent decades, and older systems made in the 2010s are winding down. Before scheduling your replacement, here are seven things you should know about installing a new air conditioner.

1. The Job Is Best Left to Professionals

Any type of air conditioner has intricate wiring and components that aren’t easy to handle on your own. Attempting to install an AC unit by yourself could be a hazardous and costly job. Leave it to a licensed HVAC technician who can not only recommend the best model for your home and budget but also ensure a flawless installation.

Your HVAC technician will be there to help you handle the AC installation from start to finish. They’ll recommend models in your price range and help you understand all of your options to get the best deal.

2. Location Matters

Installing an air conditioner in the wrong location can lead to chronic problems and hefty energy bills. Your new unit should be installed away from heat sources that could cause it to run endlessly and wear it out before its intended lifespan.

3. Insulation May Be a Good Idea

Bolstering your attic insulation might be beneficial if you’re replacing your AC unit. Poor insulation plays a large role in heat transference, which makes your system work longer and harder than necessary. Ensure that your house is thoroughly insulated to boost your air conditioner’s efficiency.

4. Energy Ratings Are Important

Choose an air conditioner that has a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. They’re better at cooling your home. Plus, they consume less energy and ultimately cost less to own despite having higher upfront costs.

5. Consider a Ductwork Inspection First

If you’re replacing a central air conditioner, then you should consider having your ducts inspected beforehand. Loose panels can lead to leaking air, which puts unnecessary strain on your system and increases operating costs.

6. Zoning May Be a Good Idea

For families who have different temperature preferences or large properties, zoning may be ideal. This allows you to control the temperature in different parts of the house, which may also help you lower costs.

7. Maintenance Is Essential

Even though it’s new, your air conditioner still needs an annual tune-up and inspection. You should also be sure to always change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Be sure to book seasonal maintenance at least twice a year to keep your entire HVAC unit running well.

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