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HVAC Safety Tips to Follow to Protect Your Home and Family

According to the National Fire Protection Association, HVAC systems are the leading cause of house fires during the winter months. About 50,000 homes catch fire each year. To ensure you do not become a statistic, it is imperative that you follow the below HVAC safety tips to keep your home and family safe.

Keep Your Furnace Room Clear of Clutter

HVAC equipment is usually stored in a furnace room. If you want to use this room for additional storage as many homeowners do, make sure it is clear of clutter. Clutter is the reason that many HVAC systems catch fire. Keep items at least two feet away from your HVAC unit as this allows your system to have the necessary breathing room.

Schedule Routine Maintenance in the Fall

Although winters in Eatonton are mild, it is still advantageous to have routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system. An HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your system, clean your ducts, change filters and repair any problems. A thorough inspection is necessary to make sure your HVAC system will perform at its best once temperatures drop. You will want an efficient system in order to avoid any incidences that will put you and your household in danger.

Install Smoke Detectors

Sometimes, fires can happen despite your best efforts to avoid them. Install smoke detectors so you and your household will be alerted when a fire starts. This will enable everyone to get out safely.

Install Gas Detectors

If your HVAC system is powered by gas, gas detectors are a must. Gas is odorless, and it can leak, causing dangerous or even deadly problems. Often, you will not notice a gas leak until it is too late to do anything about it. Gas detectors will alert you to leaks so you can act before any dangers occur.

Act Quickly When You Smell Fumes

Fumes are a risk if you heat your home with oil. If you smell fumes, you must act quickly because this is a sign there is a problem. Your oil burner may be improperly aligned or have a crack. Nevertheless, smelling fumes always means there is a problem of some sort, so contact a technician immediately.

Winter is fast approaching, and you don’t have much time to wait. If you reside in the Eatonton, GA area, contact Superior for guidance for safely running your HVAC system during winter. We will come out to perform an inspection and repair any problems we find. We promise you are in good hands as your safety and comfort are our top priority.