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The Importance of Regular Heat Pump Inspections

Having a heat pump to heat and cool your home is incredibly convenient, as your indoor temperature will always be comfortable during the hot summers or cold winters. However, to ensure year-round comfort, you will need preventive maintenance. Here is why having regular heat pump inspections is vital.

Preventing Sudden Breakdowns

When technicians perform regular inspections, they can catch minor repairs before you’re caught off guard by a big one. By fixing small problems early, you can avoid a sudden breakdown during a heat wave or an ice storm. The best way to prevent a sudden breakdown is to have technicians inspect your heat pump before the summer begins and before the winter season starts.

Extending the Life Span of Your Heat Pump

Professional technicians are trained to ensure your heat pump runs efficiently all year long. If you sign up for annual maintenance, they can lubricate moving parts, replace worn-out components, and check for leaks. This inspection can extend the life span of your heat pump because having technicians fine-tune it will prevent premature failure. A routine tune-up can even reduce your energy bills since your system won’t be under constant strain due to inefficient operation.

Reducing the Overall Cost of Repairs

Besides preventing sudden breakdowns, maintenance can reduce the amount of money you have to shell out for repairs. When technicians catch issues with your heat pump in a maintenance check, those issues will probably be minor, which means you’ll be paying less to correct them. However, if you end up missing a tune-up session and the issues get worse, you may have to pay a lot more to repair your heat pump.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Over time, the coils and filter in your heat pump accumulate dirt and debris. During an inspection, technicians can clean your coils and replace your air filter. They can also give you tips on how frequently you should be changing your air filter to promote better indoor air quality.

Ensuring Your Safety

When technicians perform an annual tune-up on your heat pump, they will check for leaks. A leak that goes unnoticed can be dangerous for anyone living in your home. By checking and fixing leaks, technicians can make sure that you’re safe all year round.

Protecting Your Warranty

In order to keep your warranty coverage valid, many manufacturers require that professional technicians maintain your heat pump. By following this guideline, you can keep your warranty in good standing and enjoy additional protection for your equipment.

We offer three types of heat pump maintenance plans for our customers. They can choose the Gold Plan, the Platinum Plan, or the Superior Plan. There are no after-hour fees with these plans, and you’ll get same-day service when necessary. If you need heat pump services, contact us at Superior Heating & Air in Eatonton, GA.