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Troubleshooting Common HVAC Issues (And When to Call an Expert)

An HVAC system is an essential and costly appliance in any home. It’s also among the most expensive and difficult to fix. As a homeowner, you should know and be able to recognize the typical HVAC issues and how to fix them. However, some issues require professional assistance, and you should refer to a licensed HVAC expert. Here is a practical guide to troubleshooting common HVAC problems and when to call for professional help.

Common HVAC Issues

As a homeowner, troubleshooting skills are handy, especially for common HVAC issues. You’ll be able to save money by resolving HVAC problems on your own. Some of the common HVAC issues include:

  • Thermostat issues
  • Strange noises
  • Leaks
  • Dirty air filters

Troubleshooting Methods

Homeowners can use different methods to troubleshoot common HVAC problems.

It is not unusual for a thermostat not to work correctly, but this can be a sign of a more severe problem. If the thermostat malfunctions, it can cause your HVAC system to overheat or under-cool. One way to rectify this problem is to check if the temperature settings have been tampered with. Another option is to check the power supply for the thermostat. Is there power going to it? You can start by rectifying the temperature settings, then checking the power supply.

Strange noises are often the culprit of HVAC problems. You may notice a rattling or constant beeping, whirring, or clicking noise. If you hear sounds like this, it is wise to listen closely and pinpoint where the sound is coming from. It may be a loose fan or motor. You may need to contact a professional if the issue is not a loose part.

A clogged condensate line or a loose connection can cause a small leak. You can clean the clogged condensate line with proper guidance or tighten loose connections. You can also check for a broken or cracked pipe. However, if there is a severe leak, you will need to call a professional for help.

HVAC systems are very efficient at removing airborne particles in the air. When filters get dirty, they can block the airflow. A dirty air filter can also slow down the system’s operation and cause it to work harder and use more energy. Air filters should be cleaned regularly to better the performance of the HVAC system.

When to Call for Professional Help

Sometimes, you may need to call a professional to help with an HVAC problem. Here are some issues that require professional help:

  • Major repairs: If your entire system is not working or you have a major leak, it is best to call a professional.
  • New HVAC system: If you’re replacing your old HVAC system with a new one, hiring a licensed HVAC contractor is best. Proper installation is vital to the safety and longevity of the system.
  • Maintenance: Regular service for your HVAC system is vital to its overall lifespan. Regular check-ups can help you catch problems before they cause expensive damage.

HVAC systems are typically not do-it-yourself projects. There are many different systems and unique problems that a professional handles best. If you reside in Eatonton, GA and need AC repair or other HVAC services, call the experts at Superior.