How To Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Keeping your home’s budget on track in the winter can be challenging as heating costs continue to rise. However, there are many ways that resourceful Eatonton residents are combatting high heating costs. Investing just a tiny amount of time and money can pay off as your energy bills remain more reasonable this winter and your home feels even more comfortable and warm.

Ceiling Fans

Many people only think of a ceiling fan as a solution for cooling their homes. They are under the misconception that fans make the air cooler. But what they are doing is recirculating the air to help you feel more comfortable. In the summer, the fans are used to draw the hot air up to the ceiling, leaving your living space cooler. But when the fan rotation is reversed, it is ideal for moving the warm air back down from the ceiling to feel warmer in the wintertime. With ceiling fans moving the warm air back toward the floor, you might even be able to adjust your thermostat down a few degrees to save wear and tear on the furnace and lower your heating costs.

Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat is another way to save money without sacrificing your comfort. These innovative devices allow you to change the temperature of your home when you are away or asleep. Then return to your ideal temperature just before you wake up or arrive back home. Even a few degrees of change will save money without making you feel the need for added sweaters when at home. And using the same principle in the summer will save on your cooling cost.

Utilize Free Heat

Homeowners often forget to take advantage of the free solar heating coming through their windows. We tend to close the curtains and blinds at night to keep the warmth inside but forget to open them to welcome the morning sun. Opening the blinds when the sun is shining on the windows will help increase the temperature inside your home and reduce the electricity needed for lighting. It is a double win for your budget. Just be sure to close the curtains and blinds when the sun begins to set so that you are keeping in as much warm air as possible.

Eliminate Leaks

Air leaks and gaps are costly problems that you can quickly eliminate with a tube of caulk or other minor repairs. Explore the exterior of your home for places that are stealing your heat and money. It could be a gap around a door or window frame that is allowing precious heat to escape. Caulk those air leaks, and know that you will feel less of a draft inside and enjoy a lower energy bill this season.

A Little TLC

Your furnace has a big responsibility to keep your home and loved ones warm and safe all winter. So before the cold weather hits, be sure that your heating system is ready to meet the challenge. Schedule a tune-up and inspection with the pros at Superior Heating and Air. During the visit, a certified heating and cooling expert will examine all of the heating equipment for indications of damage or wear and tear that could result in a failure over the winter. Repairing these minor issues now is the best way to prevent additional damage to the furnace and a few cold days with no heat in your home. And your finely tuned furnace will deliver your heat as efficiently as possible for added savings.

Call (706) 813-3541 to schedule your furnace inspection with the Superior Heating and Air team and know that you have reliable heating for the cold months ahead.