Signs It Is Time For A New Air Conditioner

Many homeowners struggle to know when it is time for a replacement air conditioner. It is never a small investment or one that homeowners want to rush into making. So the tendency can be to wait just a little bit too long to choose to get a new AC installed. And the result is often a few uncomfortable days and nights with little or no AC cooling your home. Ideally, you want to rely on the information provided by a reliable and honest AC expert who will let you know that it is time to schedule a replacement to avoid a total failure of your home’s AC. To help you plan for this significant investment, the following factors will let you know that the end is near for your home’s air conditioner.

The AC’s Age

The age of your AC equipment is one of the first things to consider when you are thinking about a replacement. The industry standard for an AC’s life expectancy ranges from 10 to 15 years. Take your climate into account when deciding which end of the scale you should use as your measuring tool. If you live in a milder climate with less hot weather, then you have a good shot at making it to 15 years or more with your current unit. However, if you live in a hot climate that uses air conditioning for well over half the year, then a decade is a good run for the average AC system. Your HVAC expert will also be able to clue you in on the overall condition of the equipment to encourage you to keep it another year or two or be thankful that it made it this far and order the replacement ASAP.

How Well The System Functions

Be honest with yourself about how well your current AC equipment is cooling your home. Was it more comfortable in the house a few years ago? Does the unit appear to be running more frequently now to maintain a comfortable temperature? Does it seem like the AC is running non-stop when the weather is warm instead of on to cool the house then off for a bit? These are signs that the unit might be slipping in its duties to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

How Does That Energy Bill Look?

If you see constant increases in your electric bill when the AC is running, you should understand that is not a good sign. As the equipment ages, it becomes less and less efficient. And to meet the demands set by the thermostat, your AC could be running almost 24/7. That is going to result in a much higher electric bill. Unfortunately, it is a downward spiral because that added wear and tear on the unit causes it to degrade even faster. A growing electric bill could signal the end of life for your AC equipment.

Repair Cost VS. Replacement

The general guideline is that you should never invest more than half the cost of a new AC unit in repairs. So if you are facing mounting repair costs, it is time to get a price quote for a new installation. The replacement will stop never-ending repairs and should provide a bit of relief from the higher operating costs as well.

When you want an honest evaluation of the health of your AC, call (706) 813-3541. The Superior Heating and Air team will guide you on making a repair or considering a replacement AC installation as the wise investment for long-term comfort in your home. We offer free price quotes for repairs and installations and back them both with a full warranty.