It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner If…

Living in a climate that has hot, sticky summers means that you rely on your air conditioner for comfort and even safety. Every summer, you hear stories about people who have been overcome by the heat inside their stifling home. And you don’t want to be the next person to make the news when your air conditioner fails. But you always wonder how to know when it is time to give up on your current air conditioner. There is always a bit of distrust that an HVAC company is just trying to sell you a new system because it is a good money maker.

As a team of highly respected HVAC professionals, we want you to have some general guidelines to follow when you begin wondering about the life left in your AC unit. We have nothing to gain from misleading you, and we want you to have some honest guidance about air conditioners. And we are happy to provide you with our professional opinion.

Three Sure Signs It’s Time To Say Good-Bye

You should never wait until your air conditioner has completely failed to replace it. It can result in your home becoming uncomfortably or even dangerously hot. Children and the elderly can be especially sensitive to extremely hot conditions. So never set yourself up to endure even a few scorching summer days with no air conditioning in your home. When you notice any of the following three scenarios, start calling around for price quotes from licensed HVAC professionals.

  1. When you are experiencing ongoing issues that require professional repair, your AC is telling you that it will not last much longer. The general rule is that you never want to more than half the cost of a new unit in repairs. One repair to a 10-year-old unit is not a sure sign of a death rattle. But two or more repairs of a decade-old air conditioner is not a good sign. Start shopping for a great deal on a new unit. It is sure to be more energy-efficient and will keep your home more comfortable and cool.
  2. When you find that running your air conditioner is getting more expensive every month, it is time to look for a replacement. As the efficiency of the unit decreases, your electric bill will increase. Sure, on a very hot month, the price might increase slightly. But a constant increase is a sign that your AC is struggling to get the job done. And if those high bills are coming with a decrease in your comfort level, it is definitely time for a replacement. Newer units offer increased cool air production than similarly sizes older units, and they do it while consuming less electricity. You are sure to see a significant drop in your monthly electric bill and increased comfort in your home.
  3. The age of your AC can be a deciding factor as well. If you have gotten 12-15 years of reliable service, consider yourself to be very fortunate. Even if you believe the unit is working great, it is undoubtedly markedly less energy efficient than a new model. And at its age, it could fail at any time. You are ahead of the game to plan to replace the unit at a convenient time. Ideally, have it replaced in the off-season when prices are more reasonable, and it is less challenging to schedule an appointment.

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