Important Tips When Dealing With An Air Conditioner Issue

When you find that your home is uncomfortably hot, the first place you turn is to your thermostat to see if the AC is working. And when you find that the temperature is far warmer than what you have selected, your heart sinks. Nothing makes a summer day longer and more unbearable than an AC issue. But before you begin to worry about the cost of a new air conditioning system or whom to call to get a price quote, check out a few simple fixes that could solve your AC issues and even prolong the life of your current air conditioner.

Is The Breaker Tripped?

If you have just arrived home to a literal hothouse, check the AC breakers to ensure that the unit has power. There could have been a power surge or failure that tripped the breaker, and it just needs to be reset. If the breaker is not tripped, but the unit will not turn on, it is time to call in a licensed professional for help.

Air Filters Are Essential

Checking your air conditioner filter should always be the first stop when there is an issue with the unit, but it is still running. While you might think that this is just a tiny piece of your AC system, it is essential. The filter is not meant to purify the air you are breathing as much as it is designed to keep dirt and dust from the delicate electronics and components inside the AC unit.

But when that filter becomes covered in dust, it does not allow enough air to circulate into the AC. That makes the AC system work harder to move air and can cause it to wear out significantly sooner than it should. A secondary issue is that with no airflow in, it provides very little cooled air to drop the temperature in your home. So replacing the dirty air filter could be all you need to do to restore your home’s much wanted cooler temperature.

Ice Is Another Air Flow Issue

If you see that there is ice built up on your AC, something is inhibiting the air circulation around the condenser. And with no warm air flowing around it, the condensed water is freezing and icing over the unit. If you have already change the air filter because the one you had in the AC was filthy, turn off the AC for a few hours to allow the ice to melt, then turn it back n to see if the new filter also solved your icing issues. If the unit freezes again, it is time to call in a professional.

Service Is Hours Away

If you have called for a professional to evaluate your ailing air conditioner and discovered that help is hours away, turn the thermostat up a few degrees. It sounds crazy but consider the facts. There is something wrong with the unit. And it is not able to cool your house to the current thermostat setting. So the longer you keep overworking the unit, the better the odds that it will fail completely. You are better off turning the temperature setting up a few degrees and living with a little bit of AC rather than none. Even consider turning the unit off for an hour and then trying to nurse it through until help arrives at a higher temperature, but one that is tolerable for the short term.

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