Learn the Significance of 5 Furnace Noises You May Hear

While temperatures in Eatonton, GA, can climb into the 60s in winter and stay that way through early spring, the temperature can also drop as low as 40 degrees and leave you reaching for your furnace. You expect the furnace to come on quickly and warm your home within minutes, but you may not expect to hear loud and even angry noises coming from your furnace. Read on to find out more about noises you might hear and what they mean before you call an HVAC tech.

1. Popping and Banging

A working furnace will come on and run smoothly, but one in need of repair may make a popping or banging sound as soon as you turn it on or as it runs. This often means that the boiler cannot get hot enough. When you use the furnace, the gas or oil will build up around the boiler because it cannot burn off. The sound occurs when the gas or oil burns.

2. Thuds

When your furnace produces a thud or booming sound, it might make you jump because you didn’t expect it. You may hear these sounds during cold snaps in Eatonton, as your ducts expand and contract during temperature changes. The sound can also occur because the burning elements are dirty and need cleaning.

3. Scraping

Some furnaces produce a scraping noise that sounds as if someone is running a piece of metal along the floor. The main cause of this noise is a broken motor mount. The motor mount is the part that holds the blower in place and allows the furnace to push air around your home. You will keep hearing the noise until you fix the damaged part because the metal piece will keep rubbing against other metal components.

4. Clicking

You might hear a clicking noise that comes from your furnace, indicating a problem with the heat exchanger or ignition. If your ignition fails, it will keep clicking as it attempts to light. Problems with the heat exchanger such as loose bolts or screws can produce a similar noise.

5. Wheezing

No one would blame you for worrying when you hear a wheezing noise coming from your furnace. This noise often sounds like a person wheezing. Furnaces often wheeze or make a whooshing noise when they have dirty filters. You need to replace your filter to make the HVAC system work properly.

Take Care of Furnace Noises Today

Don’t assume that you can put off furnace repairs until later unless you can afford an expensive repair bill in the future. While some of the unusual noises you hear need only a quick fix, others require extensive and serious furnace repairs. If you live in the Eatonton, GA, area, call us at Superior to arrange for a qualified HVAC tech to diagnose your strange furnace noises and make any repairs you need.