Preventative HVAC Maintenance That Will Save You A Bundle

We all know that there is no way around the cost of heating your home this winter. But you can take a proactive approach to service and reduce the burden on your heating system a bit. The result will be a lower utility bill for you each month and an extended life expectancy for your costly heating equipment. While these tips and tasks all sound very basic, they are essential and will provide a great return on your investment of time and a small amount of money.

Change The Air Filters

The air filters on your HVAC equipment are meant to keep harmful dust and dirt from damaging the components inside the unit. And when you forget to replace the dirty filters, it makes the air handling equipment work harder to pull air into the furnace and then distribute it throughout your home. The clogged filter causes the system to be overworked and can even result in the furnace shutting down due to a lack of airflow. An investment of a few dollars for new filters will protect your HVAC system equipment and help keep your heating bills more manageable. It will also add years to the life of this costly equipment.

Check Out The Burner Flames

To inspect the burner flame, you will need to turn up the thermostat to activate the furnace or wait until you hear it turn on automatically. The natural gas flame inside your furnace should be burning blue. If the flame is partially or entirely yellow, it indicates an issue with combustion and that the furnace is creating carbon monoxide. This is a hazardous and lethal gas. Call (706) 813-3541 for emergency service to correct the problem and ensure that you and your loved ones are not overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some Professional Cleaning Services

An annual furnace inspection and professional cleaning are recommended for every furnace. It is the only way to know that the unit is operating safely. But it also provides a few services that will help the furnace run more efficiently and economically over the winter months. Your HVAC expert will clean the burner, flame sensor, and ignitors to ensure that the furnace is lighting and heating as quickly and effectively as possible. Removing dust and dirt is the best way to prevent a blockage that could result in a failure to ignite or other gas-related failures. Cleaning the blower and fan assembly will ensure that it is operating at its peak and is not wasting energy. It will also decrease the amount of dust circulating through your home.

Checking The Ducts

If you have suffered from uneven heating in the past, a duct inspection could reveal blockages or leaks causing this annoying and costly issue. Repairing leaks will reduce your heating costs. And removing any blockages will ensure even heating of your home.

Call (706) 813-3541 to request an appointment with the Superior Heating and Air experts to prep your furnace for optimal heating throughout the winter.