Resistance test of temperature sensors in the cooling supply section of the ventilation unit.

What Happens During a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Visit?

Your business’s HVAC system works day and night to keep your facility in Eatonton, GA comfortable, clean, and safe. To make sure your HVAC system works efficiently, it needs periodic maintenance. Spring is the perfect time to do it before summer brings an uncomfortable level of heat and humidity to the area. If you’ve never coordinated this type of service for your business, here’s what to expect during a commercial HVAC maintenance visit.

System Performance Test

During an HVAC maintenance visit, our technicians run a system performance test. We measure the system’s heating or cooling capacity, the amount of intake and outgoing airflow, and the refrigerant pressure. We also check the system’s electrical components and measure how much current and voltage they use at different times during a heating or cooling cycle. During the performance test, our technicians adjust the thermostat to higher or lower than where you typically set it. This might result in a short-term disruption of comfort. Once we’re done with the test, we’ll restore your usual thermostat settings.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

Commercial HVAC systems often consist of multiple units, and they all have moving parts. The motor and fan assemblies require sufficient lubrication for efficiency and performance. We use the appropriate lubricant for the equipment. Proper lubrication prevents excessive wear and tear, which could help extend the lifespan of your commercial HVAC system.


We clean each part of your heating and cooling system during every maintenance visit. After several months of regular use, the equipment often collects layers of dust, dirt, and pollen. Other debris, such as animal waste, tree sap, and leaves, may collect in or near the outdoor units. This debris interferes with air exchange and decreases the system’s efficiency. We use the proper tools to clean the equipment. If any air conditioner or heat pump fins are bent, we use a specialized tool to restore their correct shape.

Temporary Halt to System Functioning

While we clean and lubricate your commercial HVAC system, it will be turned off. This prevents injuries to our technicians and damage to the system. A maintenance visit takes only a few hours, and we can schedule your appointment for a time that will not disrupt your business activities.

Recalibration to Factory Settings

If your HVAC system hasn’t been recalibrated in a while, our technicians can take care of this for you. This process ensures that the temperature and pressure sensors are accurate and precise. We can also recalibrate the system’s thermostat and zoning controls.

Keeping up with regular commercial HVAC maintenance could lower your business’s monthly heating or cooling bills. Well-maintained commercial HVAC systems don’t break down as frequently, and they have longer lifespans compared to neglected systems. Your facility will be more comfortable with a properly functioning heating and cooling system. For more information or to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance, reach out to us at Superior Heating & Air today.